Happy Halloween from WGCU Kids

Who are the “Queens of Halloween?” Here’s a hint…it’s a funky little critter of the night that hangs upside down.

That’s right, they’re BATS, BATS, BATS! These nocturnal creatures are the focus of this fun song by Producer/Songwriter Rosie Emery.  In honor of Halloween, check out the time WGCU’s Curious Kids visited the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary to learn about bats.

Bat Song from “Rainbow Road” CD available online at http://www.rosieemery.com/



Looking for more Halloween fun? Check out these crafts and activities from PBS Kids that will be sure to drive you “batty” with excitement!


Bat Activities


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1. Build Homes for Bats

Build a bat box and learn about the habitat preferences and shelter needs of bats.


2. DIY Bat Trees

This Halloween, decorate your home or classroom with these bat trees using simple supplies.


3. Halloween Bat Treat Holders

This Halloween-themed project is fun for kids and a great way to get rid of old paper bags.

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